• June 13, 2018

    Welcome to the New Lora Leigh Website

    Welcome to the new Lora Leigh website, I hope you’re pleased with the new look and find it easy to navigate. If you have any problems let us know at lleighpa@aol.com. Onto writing news. DAGGER’S EDGE is now into the editor and hopefully in time for the August 28 publishing date. The second book in the Brute Force series deals with Ivan Resnova, the father of Amara in Collision Course….

  • September 1, 2017

    An Excerpt from ULTIMATE SINS

    A whimper left her lips as his hard chest pressed against her breasts, his hips into her lower belly, and the raging erection beneath his jeans angled at her navel. She could feel how hard he was, remember how hot, how intent he could be while pushing inside the wet, aching depths of her body. “He almost took everything we cherished, Amelia,” he reminded her, his eyes brilliant in the…

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