September 1, 2017

An Excerpt from ULTIMATE SINS

A whimper left her lips as his hard chest pressed against her breasts, his hips into her lower belly, and the raging erection beneath his jeans angled at her navel.

She could feel how hard he was, remember how hot, how intent he could be while pushing inside the wet, aching depths of her body.

“He almost took everything we cherished, Amelia,” he reminded her, his eyes brilliant in the darkness of his face in the sudden arousal that suffused it. “He nearly destroyed Rafe and Logan and the women they loved, and he made certain he tracked down every woman we may have even considered having as a lover.”

“I didn’t know!” she cried out again as his free arm wrapped around her hips and pulled her up his body until he jutted his hips between her thighs, the denim-covered erection notching against her sex. “Please, Crowe, I would have stopped him if I could have. I swear. If I had known, you would have known.”

“He dangled you beneath my nose like a fucking piece of steak before a hungry wolf, Amelia,” he told her, his tone brutal. “He was daring me to take you.”

She couldn’t think about that; she didn’t dare.

“Please, Crowe. Let me go.” The plea was whispered but no less desperate for its lack of force.

Her loss of strength against him was terrifying. The feel of his body, all lean hard muscle and raging male hunger, was more than she could deny herself.

She had ached for so long.

Ached for his touch. Ached for the perfection of pleasure she had found in his arms so many summers before.

“Let you go?” His head lowered, his lips brushing against the line of her jaw. “Do you really think that’s going to happen, Amelia? After all this time, after the effort he went to in teasing me with you?” Strong teeth nipped at her jaw before the warmth of his tongue eased over the little ache. “Dared me to take you. Have you considered why? Have you considered the punishment he had in store for you if I ever dared to take what was so subtly offered and he learned of it?”

She couldn’t—

“Please don’t do this to me.” Her head fell back against the wall, tilting to the side as his lips moved slowly down the sensitive column of her neck.

So slowly.

His tongue licked against the nerve-ridden flesh, his teeth scraped against it, sending pleasure racing with fiery force along her tender nerve endings.

He was going to break her in ways Wayne had never been able to break her. He would destroy that last dark, hidden place where she had stored the most important memories, the deepest depths of her love for him.

“Don’t do what to you, sugar elf?” he whispered, one hand sliding beneath her skirt to her bare thigh as his hips rolled, the hard wedge of his cock pressing against her suddenly swollen mound. “Don’t pleasure you the way I’ve been tempted to pleasure you? Don’t take what I was offered every fucking time you stared up at me with those pretty eyes?”

A moan escaped her lips as he gripped the flesh of her neck in his hard teeth, his tongue lashing at the skin there with exquisite hunger. He refused to give her a chance to catch her breath, or a chance to deny him. Just as he refused to allow her to place any distance between them.

“God, I’ve hungered for you.” His fingers slid farther along the inside of her thigh, finding the elastic edge of her panties and rubbing against it erotically. “Have you been hungry for me, Amelia? Have you been wet for me, baby?”

Wet for him? She had been so wet for him over the years that it had been all she could do to keep her panties dry.

His fingers slipped beneath the elastic edge of the silk-and-lace panties and found the slick heat covering the swollen lips of her sex.

Amelia froze, her lashes immediately rising, focusing on Crowe’s as he lifted his head and stared down at her.

Lust burned in the dark depths, predatory and filled with a heat that seared her to her soul.

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