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News from Lora - August 31, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure is almost complete. I believe I might have mentioned that it contains one of the hottest scenes I think I've ever written. It definitely surprised me when it finished. I think I was swearing a bit.

Khalid has definitely surprised me more than once. His third, Jack Fyre, has intrigued me as well. I think you'll like Jack, I know I've definitely fallen in love with him. And Khalid's brother?

Oh, did I mention Khalid has brothers? Three actually. Two are nasty bad guys though. The oldest one. Whew. Just the little bit I've played with him has some killer ideas hitting my head.

  Heat Seeker
Heat Seeker releases tomorrow. I think I'm nervous. The plot to Heat Seeker gave me a headache or two, as well as a surprise. But John and Bailey burned in my imagination even after the book was finished. John was just hot. I couldn't help it. He made me want to lick him.

There's a lot of surprises, new characters and interesting twists coming soon to several of my series.
Have I mentioned the new contracts. Several in fact.

Loving Lies

Three more books have been signed to St. Martins, though the exact details of the series or characters involved haven't been discussed much yet.

Except for two. The Men of Summer are based on the lies men tell. Jazz and Zach have been waiting a long time to tell their lies, and now its time to let them have their turn.  I don't have titles yet, but those should be coming soon.
So that makes five books. Real Men Last All Night

 Think you can handle more? How about four more novella sequels to Coopers Fall.

Did you like the bouncers Ethan Cooper employed in his bar? The Wounded Heroes series is a five set novella series featuring the rough and ready wounded heroes ready to take on more danger than they left behind in the wars that wounded them. Their stories intrigued me, and now I'm ready to sit down and see what they have to say.
We also have three more Breed books coming after Lion's Heat, which is Jonas book. I haven't decided the characters to use there yet, I'm still plotting and planning on those. We have a lot of books still to go, and I'm hard at work now that the move has been made and I'm settling in.
 I hope you're looking forward to everything set to release in the coming months, because I'm definitely looking forward to writing about the men and women that flit through my imagination.

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