Romance Author, Lora Leigh

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Elite Ops

Wild Card
Heat Seeker
Black Jack
RenegadeMen of DangerLive Wire 


Dead Men Don’t Talk

The world is turning into a frightening place. A place where death and destruction can visit on any street corner, within any home. And there are those that thrive on the fear and the terror they can instigate.

The Elite Operations, ELITE OPs was created to fight against that terror. A six man force working independent of government protocol or oversight, created to do what the others can’t do. They have only one directive. Success of the mission. No matter what it takes.

Captain Jordan Malone (from Tempting SEALs) will lead the first five agents into the missions that will test their abilities, their loyalties, and their belief in themselves. 

The men under his command are:

1. Noah Blake, formerly known as U.S. Navy Seal, Nathan Malone. (from Tempting SEALs)

2. Travis Caine, formerly known as MI-5 agent Travis Dermont.

3. John Vincent, formerly knows as Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Trent Daylen.

4. Nikolai Steele, formerly known as Russian Special Forces operative Michel Valeskinov.

5. Micah Sloane, formerly known as Israeli Mossad agent, David (da-veed)Abijah.

Five men and a mission that will tax their abilities, their loyalties, and their faith in everything they’ve ever known. They are the men of Elite Ops. Dead men. Men who know the darkness of betrayal, and the fire of vengeance.


Old Covers

Wild Card



Night Hawk

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NIGHT HAWK - A never before released free short story from Lora Leigh!

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In the prologue to LIVE WIRE, Tehya Talamosi, code name: Enigma, is the one woman Jordan Malone, commander of the Elite Ops, wants and is the one woman he knows he can never have. But when they share one blazingly hot night, everything changes in ways Jordan could have never imagined...

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Lora Leigh's books are intended for readers 18 years of age or older. The excerpts and content on this website is not intended for readers under the age of 18.